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Radulović: For our honorable ancestors, there was no dilemma eighty years ago, they made their heroic choice a long time ago. To our pride and their eternal glory! The exhibition entitled “July 13, 1941-2021 – 80 years of defense and pride” was organized by Matica Crnogorska in cooperation with the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”, on the occasion of marking the 80th anniversary of the 13 July Uprising, was opened last night at the Library in Cetinje.

Dragan Radulović, president of Matica Crnogorska and Danilo Ivezić, president of the National Community of Montenegrins in Croatia spoke at the opening of the exhibition, which consists of twenty-two illustrated panels with photographs and documents from the period of preparation for the uprising and the events after that.

According to Mr. Radulović, the July 13 uprising represents an epochal moment in the self-understanding of our people.

“The act of defiant resistance against the fascist illusion of statehood, which abolished the freedom and dignity of the Montenegrin people, is historically a constitutive moment of contemporary Montenegrin political subjectivity and national self-consciousness. It is a firm pledge for the future, and a strong warning whenever we give up in the fight against ideologies and political practices that humiliate man, abolish his spontaneity and longing for freedom, reducing the wealth of human existence to impersonal excess matter and mere numbers whose liquidation is then only a question of technique”, said Radulović and stated that Montenegrin citizens did not allow themselves to be deceived by the quisling idea of a new Montenegrin state, which in the conditions of fascist occupation would be neither independent, nor state, nor Montenegrin.

Mr. Ivezić also agreed with him, pointing out that the Thirteenth of July Uprising was Montenegro's response to one of the greatest evils in the world, and that it was unique for two reasons.

“First, with its mass, which determined the People's Uprising, it was a unique example in the then enslaved Europe and was not ideological, but civilizational. Secondly, it was the response of the Montenegrin people to the offered “fascist freedom” - to an independent Kingdom of Montenegro, which was neither independent, nor a Kingdom, nor Montenegro”, said Ivezić, adding that Montenegrins rejected such Montenegro and such freedom with disgust, and that the Montenegrin people, again, have found their spirit.

The exhibition, whose authors are: Dr. Adnan Prekić, historian, MSS Jadranka Selhanović, historian, Ivan Ivanović, Secretary General of Matica Crnogorska and Danilo Ivezić, President of the National Community of Montenegrins in Croatia, will adorn the hall of the Library until December 15.