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National Collection “Montenegrina” holds Montenegrin books and periodicals. These holdings are built following the criteria on which the Montenegrin national bibliography is based. It includes publications whose authors (various types of authorship: actual authors themselves, translators, anthology editors, illustrators, photographers…) were born in Montenegro or originate from Montenegro; the publications published/issued within today’s territory of Montenegro – independent of the authorship and theme; the publications thematically related to Montenegro – regardless of the authorship, language and place of publication.

Montenegrin Books collection consists of more than 45.000 books, many among them unique and rare. Also, significant parts of this collection are publications in foreign languages.

Montenegrin Periodicals collection contains magazines and newspapers – the total of 1, 437 titles (831 newspaper titles and 606 magazine titles), within several hundred volumes, or more than 120,000 issues. Magazines and newspapers are divided into old and current. Old Montenegrin magazines cover the period between 1835 and 1945 (i.e. from publication of “Grlica”, the first Montenegrin magazine, until the end of World War Two); old Montenegrin newspaper between 1871 and 1945 (i.e. from publication of “Crnogorac”, the first Montenegrin newspaper, until the end of World War Two). Almost all the titles of the old Montenegrin Periodicals (175 titles in more than 12,000 issues) are unique and rare. The periodicals “Crnogorac” and “Glas Crnogorca”, as the first public media in Montenegro, have the status of cultural property of national significance.