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Manuscripts and Archival Records

Manuscripts and Archival Records Collection includes, stores and processes manuscripts from the Montenegrin past, extensive correspondence of notable figures in Montenegrin history, rich holdings of photographs, postcards, posters and other non-book materials.

The oldest manuscripts date back from the eighteenth and nineteenth century, primarily written by the then rulers and prominent personalities of Montenegro. Personal documents, reports, judgments are also part of the collection.

Some of the valuable manuscripts are: “Pismo Ugnjanima” by Bishop Sava from 1774, “Pismo Bjelici iz Majina” by Bishop Petar I Petrović Njegoš from 1794, “Crnogorcima na brodu Porto Roze” from 1817, as well as “Pjesme Petra II Petrovića Njegoša”. This collection also contains more recent manuscripts of Montenegrin writers of the nineteenth and twentieth century. The manuscripts of prominent Montenegrin and Yugoslav writer Čedo Vuković are of special value.