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In 2023, the following publications were published in the framework of the publishing activities of the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”:

  • Petar II Petrović Njegoš: “The Mountain Wreath “– the Latin alphabet edition by Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša - reprint in co-publishing with PI Museums and Galleries of Budva;
  • Radivoje Lola Đukić: “The Sheep on the Boulevard of the October Revolution”, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lola Đukić;
  • Danijela Radulović, Ana Pejović: “Bibliography of Old Postcards”, in co-publishing with the State Archives of Montenegro;
  • “Montenegrin Bibliography: Monographic Publications in 1997” - electronic edition;
  • “Montenegrin Bibliography: Articles and Contributions in Serial Publications and Collections in 2022” - electronic edition;
  • “IV LAM Conference Proceedings” - electronic edition;
  • “CIP Informer” periodical - no. 1-12/2023 - electronic edition;

Three three-number issue of the journal of the Association of Librarians of Montenegro and the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” – “The Bibliographic Herald” for the year 2022 have just come out of print. The main and responsible editor is Dragica Lompar, and besides her, the Editorial Board members are Slavica Glendža and Milorad Milović.
In this issue, two papers were published in the column “Bibliography”: “Bibliography of The Bibliographic Herald (2012-2021)”, by Milorad T. Milović and “Nobility of Bolica in the Cultural Life of Kotor”, by Ljiljana Đorđević. The column “Bio-bibliography” contains paper written by Nada Drašković “Bio-bibliography of Novica Đurić”.
The chapter “Librarianship” contains two articles, authored by Danijela Radulović and Nataša Simić. The column “From Cultural History” contains works by Slavica Glendža, Branislav Borilović and Željko Milović. “Reviews and Notes” contains three contributions, Ljiljana Đorđević, Milorad T. Milović and the joint work of Irena Zečević and Aleksandar Radović.
Dragan Mirković and Jasmina Bajo took care and responsibility to preserve the memory of two unforgettable jewels of librarianship, Čedomir Drašković and Nevenka Mitrović with their contributions to the column “In Memoriam”.