Prvobitni sajt NBCG:


An extraordinary revision of the old book in the Old and Rare Books Collection was recently completed in NLM, which together with the national collection “Montenegrina”, legacies and the manuscript collection form the museum fund of the Montenegrin National Library.

Revision of this fund has never been done before mainly due to the fact that most of the fund has not been allotted the call-number. The members of the Audit Committee were at the same time members of the working group for performing revision: Slavica Glendža, librarian advisor, Vesna Kovačević, librarian advisor, Sonja Gagović, conservator-restorer advisor, Marija Martinović, conservator-restorer advisor, as well as our late colleague Slavko Jovićević, who was a conservator-restorer advisor as well. 

According to the Plan, which was adopted at the session of the Expert Council of NLM (No. 05-2228), the task of the librarians in the Committee was to first revise the old number-allotted books (by comparing data with inventory books), and then to a lot the call-number to the other, more numerous part of the books, which didn’t have call-number. At the same time, conservators-restorers, based on the current situation, proposed the type of protection, the choice of measures and procedures for each individual publication. Also, the Expert Council adopted a recommendation to change the criteria for accommodation and allotting the call-number to old books. The decision was made to place the books in the format, divided into three signatures (special signature books), without the previously adopted chronological criterion and without separating the old foreign book. Along with the work on allotting the call-numbers to the fund, all the accompanying library work was done and records made.

Revised material: I signature CI-1 to CI-178 (348 books); II sign.: CII- 1 to CII- 45 (129 books); III sign. CIII- 1 to CIII- 54 (110 books). It was stated that 10 books were missing.

Call – number allotted: I signature.: CI- 179 do CI- 609 (448 books); II sign.: CII- 46 do CII- 396 (353 books); III sign.: CIII- 55 do CIII- 77 (47 books).

NLM conservators-restorers conducted preventive protection of the complete fund of the old book, with accompanying photo documentation.

Final reports on the old book revision were made at the end in accordance with the valid Rulebook on the procedure, deadlines and manner of performing audits of library funds. A revision of the rare book in the said collection is planned for following year.