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The National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” will mark 85 years since the birth of Pavle Đonović, a well-known Montenegrin writer and publicist, on Friday, March 15.

Mr Ethem Mandić and publicists Bosko Mijanović and Marko Špadijer will talk about his life and creativity.

The program starts at 6pm at the Ceremonial Hall of the Library in Cetinje.

Pavle Đonović was born in 1934. He published books of poems: “Umrli šetač” in 1956, “Ružni bogovi” in 1962 and “Mornarske elegije” in 1968. He prepared a book of Montenegrin folk humor “Dim u dim”, which was printed within the edition “Luča” of the Graphic Bureau in Titograd. After that, it was published in three editions with more than 20,000 copies.

His book “Drače” was published in 2001 and it is a selection of humorous stories that have been published in “Cetinjski list”. Đonović has also published numerous works in periodicals. He received several awards and recognitions, among which the Order of Labour with Golden Wreath, life achievement award at the Days of Humor and Satire in Danilovgrad and posthumously the “Ivan Crnojević” Charter. His collected works were published under the title “Zbog jedne krive kletve” in edition of “Dignitas” from Cetinje.

He died in Cetinje in 2002.