Prvobitni sajt NBCG:


Realization of the project Reconstruction/replacement of facade joinery on the main and auxiliary building of the cultural heritage of the Italian Embassy in the former Kingdom of Montenegro, as well as the glass linkway between these two buildings, began on December 21, 2023.

The building of the Italian Embassy was built in 1910 as a diplomatic representation of Italy and served for those purposes until 1916. From then until 1964, it has been changing its purpose, and in 1964 it was given to the Central National Library for use. The status of a cultural property placed it under the protection of the state and it was obtained by Decision no. 03-75/1 from February 6, 1960.

Due to its architectural, stylistic, historical and cultural importance, the Italian Embassy has undergone several renovations and reconstructions, the last of which was done in 2016. During those interventions, the carpentry of the building, which is currently in a very bad condition, was never comprehensively repaired. Some of the exterior windows, especially on the south and southeast sides, have not been allowed to open in recent years due to the complete deterioration of the wooden frames, as well as the condition of the authentic shackles on them. The project of the complete exterior carpentry was made in accordance with the issued conservation conditions, and was approved by the Administration for Protection of Cultural Properties.

The planned reconstruction/rehabilitation amounts to €124,190 over the next two years and it includes:

- restoration of solid state carpentry,

- restoration of joinery with minor damage, and

- replacement of carpentry that is impossible to restore.

The goal of the Project is to provide optimal conditions for the preservation of the building of the Italian Embassy and the funds located in it, as well as to achieve a significant rationalization of costs for heating the premises.

CNB “Đurđe Crnojević” (today NBCG “Đurđe Crnojević”) was given this facility for use in 1964. Due to the increase of the fund, in order to provide an adequate storage, a seven-story depot was built on the Italian Embassy complex in 1981. Today, the Library's holdings amount to about 2.5 million units of library material, the largest part of which is located in the depot, while special library collections are located in the facilities of the Italian and French embassies. These collections are of exceptional value for the written cultural heritage of Montenegro (National Collection “Montenegrina”, Collection of Old and Rare Books, Cartographic and Geographical Collection, Manuscript Collection, etc.).