Prvobitni sajt NBCG:


On November 22, Dragica Lompar, the director of the National Library of Montenegro, Dragan Mirković, assistant director for development, and Vjenceslava Ševaljević, MA, the head of the Department for Library-Information System and Digitization, visited two libraries, members of the library-information system COBISS.CG from the territory of the municipality of Kotor.

First, in the Library of the Museum of the City of Perast, they had a conversation with the librarian Snežana Vojvoda, MSc, and the program editor from MPI Museums of Kotor, Jelena Vukasović, about the further steps that should be taken in order to enter bibliographic records into the local database of this Library as soon as possible and to make information about valuable library collection available to users around the world.

After that, there was an official visit to the Library of the Maritime Museum in Kotor, where representatives of the National Library, in conversation with librarian Danijela Nikčević and curator Radojka Abramović, were informed about all segments of the Library's functioning.

During the discussion, recommendations were given on how the fund should be reorganized and what is the most efficient way to enter all publications into the local bibliographic database of this Library.

Jasmina Bajo from the City Library of Kotor was also present during the visit and took an active part in the conversation, given that in accordance with the Law on Library Activities, the main library activity over special libraries in the territory of the municipality is performed by the public i.e. city ​​Library.