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Today, on December 12, the entire COBISS.CG system switched to cataloguing with normative control of personal names.

Normative records contain normative access points that are uniquely specified for use throughout the cataloguing system and other data, such as variant and related access points, annotations, data source information and the like.

Normative control in modern library catalogues provides access to the links that are established between the bibliographic description and the reference system, and also fulfils two important functions. First, it enables cataloguers to create records in a satisfactory manner and with similar or identical headings. Thus, for example, two authors who create under the same name can be distinguished by adding their middle name initial or dates of birth and/or death. The second function refers to the fact that cataloguers use it to place together materials that logically belong there, even though they themselves are presented in a different way.

The process of implementing the normative control of personal names in the COBISS.CG system was started in 2019. At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, all active cataloguers (117) successfully completed the “Transition to Cataloguing with Normative Control” course.

In June of this year, the “Conor Update” course was held and all preconditions for the introduction of normative control of personal names in the COBISS.CG system were met.

In recent months, the cataloguers practiced creating short normative records in the test database, in order to be ready for the start of the application of cataloguing with normative control.