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The book “Ukrainians - the People of Freedom” by Montenegrin writer, journalist and Ukrainianist Božidar Proročić, which is dedicated to the most prominent figures from Ukrainian history and reveals many important, but at the same time little-known facts from Ukraine's past, was presented in the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje on Thursday, November 3.

Mr. E. Oleh Herasymenko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Montenegro, Veljko Đukanović, professor of literature and author spoke at the promotion.

When Proročić started writing the mentioned book, during the last year, his desire was to bring closer only at least small segment from the great arabesque of personalities that adorn Ukraine, since Ukraine and Ukrainians, he believes, represent one of the most precious, but at the same time, the most beautiful cultures in the Slavic areas.

“I had inspiration that I drew from the spiritual wealth of Ukrainian heroes and heroines: Mykola Mikhnovsky, a fighter, one of the ideologues of the independence of Ukraine, Agathangelou Krimsky, historian, translator and one of the founders of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Vasyl Vyshivanskyi (William of Habsburg), who loved Ukraine so much that he lost his right to the imperial throne because of it, then the legendary colonel of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, and there is Heorhiy Narbut, the creator and author of the national symbols of Ukraine, General Marko Bezruchko, who saved Warsaw from the bombing, Olena Stepaniv, the first female Ukrainian officer of the army who selflessly fought for their country and who became a national heroine of the homeland, poets Olena Teliga and Vasyl Stus who wove themselves into the flags of their country, Yevhen Konovalets, leader of the Sich Riflemen, Nil Khasevych, a legendary artist and fighter from the ranks of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and many others who are represented in this manuscript”, he explained.

According to Mr. Đukanović, who is one of the proofreaders, this book is both precious and important because it speaks in the most beautiful way about important historical figures of Ukraine through different time and historical stages.

“If anyone, with his work and dedication in the study of Ukraine, has repaid Ukraine, then it is undoubtedly this author who has always devoted himself with great sacrifice and who is still trying to bring Ukraine closer to all of us”, said Đukanović.

In this publication, as pointed out by Mr. E. Oleh Herasymenko, readers from Montenegro and the region can learn about key moments and personalities from the rich Ukrainian history.

“That way, they will better understand everything that is happening in Ukraine and the reasons for the determined fight of Ukrainians for the freedom and independence of their homeland. By defending ourselves from Russian armed aggression, we Ukrainians are also defending our culture, identity and history”, said Herasymenko.

The event was organized by the Library in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro.