Prvobitni sajt NBCG:


Recently, NLM enriched its funds with about 170 valuable publications, obtained through international exchange. The received publications belong to different fields of knowledge: religion, history, art, economy, law, fiction.

These are mostly editions printed in the period 2019-2022, most of them in English (USA and Great Britain editions), in the languages of South Slavic nations, but also in the languages of other European nations.

International exchange is, by the way, like all other ways of acquiring library materials (legal deposit, purchase and gifts), defined by the Law on Library Activities. When selecting the titles offered through international exchange, NLM places emphasis on completing the national collection “Montenegrina”, as well as other collections, with important professional and current titles of monographic and periodical publications, published abroad.

Likewise, through international exchange, NLM continuously and systematically sends current Montenegrin books and periodicals to the world.

Also, bypassing the barriers imposed by the global fight against the Corona virus pandemic, NLM managed to maintain continuity and cooperation with its partners abroad, to mutual satisfaction.

To illustrate, we highlight some of the titles received in the aforementioned shipment, for the national collection “Montenegrina” and other funds of the NLM:

  - National collection  “Montenegrina”

1. Dalmatia praeromanica – Tomislav Marasović

2. EU Rule of Law Promotion – Marko Kmezić

3. Bauen für den Einheitsstaat – Danijel Kežić

4.Making and Remaking the Balkans – Robert C. Austin

-  Other funds

1. London: Water and the Making of the Modern City – John Broich

2. A History of Modern Iran – Ervand Abrahamian

3. In Rome We Trust – Manlio Graziano

4. Shakespeare and the Legacy of Loss – Emily Hodgson Anderson

5. Cultures of War in Graphic Novels

6. NATO – Narrative, Architecture in Postmodern London – Claire Jamieson

7. The Venetian Discovery of America – Elizabeth Horodowich

8. The Sit Room: in the Theater of War and Peace - David Scheffer

9. Being Bedouin around Petra – Mikkel Bille

10. Virginia Woolf – Barbara Lounsberry

11. The Image of Christ in Russian Literature – John Givens

12.Obama: an Oral History – Brian Abrams

13. Prague Winter - Madeleine Albright

14.Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Product Design

15. The Great Cauldron: a History of Southeastern Europe . Marie-Janine Calic

16. Design with the Body – Kristina Höök