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The promotion of the proceedings “Šćepan Mali in Documents 1767–1773”, prepared by Marijan Mašo Miljić, and published by Matica Crnogorska, was held last night at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje.

Apart from the compiler of the edition doc. dr Srđa Martinović and mr Vukota Vukotić, historians, and Luka Lagator, president of the Branch of Matica crnogorske Cetinje participated in the program.

According to Mr. Miljić, Šćepan Mali has left an indelible mark in Montenegrin history, regardless of the fact that attempts to establish his origin and identity remained unsuccessful.

The proceedings contain 441 documents arranged chronologically from 1767 to 1773, by year, and within years by date. Some documents have already been published, while the compiler met with some of them for the first time.

“Unpublished material was written from Bogišić's archive in Cavtat, and it was written by Dr. Niko Simov Martinović who did research in 1953 and 1954 for the needs of the Historical Institute of Montenegro. It is fortunately preserved in the Archive-Memoir collection of the Library of the Historical Institute, in folder no. 239. I was lucky to come across the material and it was, above all, the impetus and the nucleus for the creation of this book”, explained Miljić.

According to Srđa Martinović, this publication is a collection of documents worthy of respect.

“I believe that this work will be a real holiday for historical gourmands who, through Mašo's pages, will search for the hidden Šćepan Mali, meeting mostly with himself, and then with the fate of the Montenegrin destiny”, he said.

Mr. Vukotić agreed with him, pointing out that this work will shorten a large part of archival researches, as well as enable Montenegrin historiography, although it has been trying for more than 100 years, to provide a final scientific answer to the riddle: Who was Šćepan Mali?

“It is from him that the idea of statehood in Montenegro begins. The tribal community that existed and was formed through two and a half centuries, finally got its own stamp. The next four Petrovićs will work on that. That is exactly where is the greatness of Šćepan Mali for Montenegrin history“, Vukotić reminded.

We organized this event in cooperation with Matica Crnogorska, Cetinje Branch, which, as Mr. Lagator pointed out, with this edition wants to contribute to the study of material about this mysterious person of our national history.