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Vesna Jočić: “Andrea’s poems are like a wellhead that never stops flowing. The promotion of the book “Andrea's Step towards Poetry” by the young Cetinje poetess Andrea Begović was held last night at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje.

Speaking about the book, DANU academician Sreten Vujović, reviewer and proofreader, pointed out that poems in this collection give the impression that they are not the fruit of the moment, but were created over a longer period of time, and that the development of author’s creative thoughts can be followed through them. “In some poems, they seem youthful and subtle, while in some works, which I estimate to have been written in a more mature age, they take the form that binds our reason, mind and emotions”, Vujović explained. According to him, writing poetry means having sensitive sensors, which often hurt, so only a strong person, such as the author, can do that. She will not get over her suffering, but turns it into something that lasts.

According to Vesna Jočić, the editor of the publication, we will read Andrea's poems in one breath and return to them often, because they are like “a wellhead that never stops flowing”. “I am sure that her poetry will leave a deep mark in the readers and find its place under the Montenegrin poetic sky, as the most beautiful colorful bouquet of flowers”, she said.

The poetess Ivana Đukić recited some of Andrea's verses and Balša Dapčević, guitarist, participated in the musical part of the program. On behalf of the NGO “Razvitak”, the director Slobodan Čolaković greeted the audience and at the end of the evening, the author thanked the audience.

Andrea was born on June 5, 1992 in Cetinje, where she finished elementary school. She finished high school and the Faculty of Law in Podgorica. She is a member of the association of parents, children and youth with disabilities in the development of the NGO “Razvitak”. She speaks English and she acquired her knowledge of Russian while staying in Russia for treatment. In addition to this book of poetry, a book of prose is being prepared, as well as stories for children and adults.