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Descendants about Montenegrin identity: “Yes, those are two identities, I am Argentine, but Montenegrin blood is flowing through my veins. I can be Argentine if you look at my documents, but I feel like a Montenegrin.”

“Montenegrin Emigrants in Latin America - Ancestors and Descendants” is the title of the scientific work of Dragana Otašević, MS, which was presented at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje last night.

Appart from the author, doc. Dr. Srđa Martinović and, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro Dejan Vuković, Director of the Directorate for Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities and Cooperation with the Diaspora participated in the program.

Speaking about her previous research on the number and characteristics of Montenegrin emigrants who emigrated to the Republic of Argentina, as well as research on the preservation of the identity of descendants in Argentina, Uruguay and Peru, Ms. Otašević explained that they feel like Montenegrins up to generation IV and that they have a strong awareness of their identity and country of origin, as well as a high degree of sense of belonging to Montenegro.

Mr. Martinović agreed with her. He compared such an attitude, full of strong emotions and messages, with our attitude towards the state.

“Do we blush sometimes as we watch them love the land of their ancestors? And how do we treat our own? In their hearts, there is room for two homelands, and in ours, sometimes, very little for this one”, said Martinović and added that they transferred the light of Montenegrin subsistence from one continent to another.

Mr. Vuković characterized Montenegrin emigrants as “a family treasure kept in carved elegant snuff boxes”, noting that the civilization of Montenegro is permanently and lavishly endowed with strong patriotism and nobility of our compatriots of all faiths and nations scattered around the world.

And that it is difficult to leave, the travel writer Ljubomir Nenadović vividly explained in his work “Letters from Cetinje”, and Mr. Vuković read the following passage:

“When a Montenegrin departs to another distant world, the last stone he sees from his homeland are the peaks of Lovćen. He raises his hat and with a heavy sigh pronounces: Goodbye Lovćen, goodbye my house!” (Nenadović, 1878)

The event was completed by the exhibition of publications on Montenegrin emigration from the funds of NLM, and it will adorn the hall of the Library until April 16.