Prvobitni sajt NBCG:


The book “Politics and Political Culture” was presented last night at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”. Prof. dr Sonja Tomović Šundić, doc. dr Srđa Martinović, prof. dr Milan Marković spoke about the book from their points of view and at the end the author himself addressed the audience.

Prof. dr Sonja Tomović Šundić, among other things, said: “Every man, every citizen, that is a great idea of political culture, politically educated, should be interested in public life, political life, to participate in a certain way and to contribute in the formation of a political culture based on universal, generally accepted values”.

As doc. dr Srđa Martinovic said in this book: “Prof. Čupić masterfully leads us through political and anthropological typology, without bothering us with scientific tools. He takes us through the world of different societies and their urges. It was written for a wider readership, but also for those who are just beginning to look through the window of political science. He turns ideas into lessons, and the entire book is actually a moral norm”.

Prof. dr Milan Marković said that “Prof. Čedo Čupić except knowledge, also has the courage to always defend interests of Montenegro. In his opinion, the professor made “a compilation that eventually resulted a valuable book, using reference scientific and professional literature as well as his enormous practice experience. “

The author first expressed his satisfaction with the opportunity to present his book at the National Library, as a temple of books. He said: “In the temple of books and with books, we are in fact at all times. With books, we are in the present and in the past, because these are some authors who left this world and left their projects, their ideas and their lessons within that covers. We are both with present people and with those who think and write about the future. These are the best idols. All other idols are dangerous.”

“People who are in the library, they are not alone, they are actually with a lot of the smartest and, let’s say, the most talented people, or maybe people who wanted to leave somewhere their experiences, their messages and lessons.”

“Without politics, there is nothing. It’s all politics. Aristotle said that it is a practical activity that deals with organizing life in a certain territory. Everything that belongs to that life is in politics and that is why it is very important to have an attitude towards politics. The citizens of Cetinje are one great example. I compared, having in mind Cetinje, that the current modern Montenegrins have something that they simply took over from the ancient Greeks”.

“Often the community turns into a menagerie, because people are no longer united and they become beasts, so some grab and swallow, while others are left behind. This is the most dangerous situation that political life in a community can lead to”.

“Especially for politics, moral values are the most important ... Reliance on morality actually guarantees decent politics.”

“I am one of the people who are extremely attached to Montenegro and the Montenegrin identity, and I think that it is not defended so fiercely anywhere, it is defended as a question of freedom, a question of life and death - as in Cetinje. Congratulations to the people of Cetinje. In fact, they maintain the spirit and mentality of all those generations who fought for freedom and, finally, for Montenegro as a state”.