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The book “Materials for the Montenegrin Biographical Dictionary, volume 1 – Montenegrin Littoral”, by Dragica Lompar and Branislav Borilović was presented at the 15th Podgorica Book Fair. 

This publication, which includes about 1,200 important personalities, arranged in alphabetical order, from the area of today's urban municipalities of the Montenegrin littoral, aims to unite and present important personalities of the Montenegrin coastal area, as well as its spirituality, history, tradition, maritime skills, art, science… Therefore, the book represents all those who with their work, contribution, dedication, scientific achievements, courage and other lasting values have left a significant mark regardless of nationality or religion.

Apart from the author, the reviewers also spoke at the promotion: academician prof. dr Šerbo Rastoder, dr Srđa Martinović and MS Ivan Jovović.

Academician Rastoder pointed out that similar projects are mostly realized as projects of scientific institutions with a large number of associates, and in that sense, the authors’ efforts are worthy of every kind of support.

Dr. Srdja Martinović agreed and, among other things, stated that the authors of the mentioned publication had enough courage and persistence to succeed in what entire institutes have not succeeded for decades.

Mr. Jovović also contributed to the event, emphasizing that this publication aims to enable the reader to expand their views in the simplest possible way and certainly get verified data on the subject, which is extremely important for our circumstances, given to the fact that the presented personalities are for the first time treated as an integral part of the Montenegrin cultural context.

The authors said that they used local electronic catalogue of the National Library, the shared catalogue of all Montenegrin libraries - COBIB.CG, as well as electronic catalogues and databases of regional and the world libraries for their bibliographic search, and that they flipped through over 300,000 pages of printed and online encyclopedias, lexicons, bibliographies, manuals, monographs, collections, journals and newspapers.

Speaking about the book, Ms. Lompar took the opportunity to thank prof. dr Antun Sbutega, reviewer of the work, who for justified reasons could not attend the promotion.

Let us remind you, the book “Materials for the Montenegrin Biographical Dictionary, volume 1 – Montenegrin Littoral” was published last year by the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” and the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.