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Literature evening on the occasion of marking 90 years since the birth of Miodrag Bulatović, a well-known writer from Montenegro, was held last night at the National Library of Montenegro "Đurđe Crnojević" in Cetinje.

Speaking about Bulatović's very interesting and colorful life, prof. Dr. Tatjana Jovović pointed out that among her generation, it was a matter of prestige to know as many quotes from his works as possible.

“Flipping through the pages of the book “Đavoli dolaze” again, I was attracted by one topic that was quite in touch with my interests in Russian literature, that is, with the Russian literary oeuvre, and that is the motive of insects, which often occurs in his works”, Jovović.

According to M.Sc. Ksenija Rakočević, Bulatovic's work “Heroj na magarcu” is thematically and motivationally tied to Montenegrin culture, which is based on a traditionally shaped system, a hierarchically patriarchal model of world and thought, but also on a strict axiological system.

“In this novel, we have a situation where things turn from front to back, so all those elements that are woven deep into Montenegrin culture such as humanity, heroism, value of word and pride turn to their opposite”, said Rakočević.

According to Marinko Vorgić, a writer and advisor at the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, Bulatović has introduced in his works what has been brought by late modernism - skepticism, cynicism, irony and grotesque.

“It seems to me that that is what he, and only he could have done, and it was simply something like that, a fateful event that happened and that consequently gave to the literature things that definitely corresponds with that space, not in its topographic, geographical, historical or I don't know which sense, but in its essential, phenomenological and linguistic character, because that is the same area predetermined for poetry”, Vorgić explained.

Miodrag Bulatović, a prominent novelist and playwright, was born in Oklade near Bijelo Polje on February 20, 1930. He finished high school in Kruševac and studied psychology and literature at Belgrade University. He attracted the attention of readers and critics with his collection of stories “Đavoli dolaze”, published in 1956, followed by the books “Crveni petao leti prema nebu”, “Heroj na magarcu” and “Ljudi sa četiri prsta”, for which he received the NIN Award in 1975, “Rat je bio bolji”, “Gullo Gullo”, etc.