Prvobitni sajt NBCG:


Delegation of the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”, consisted of: Dragan Mirković, assistant director for development, MSc Vjenceslava Ševaljević, head of the Department for Library Information System and Digitization and Milutin Đukić, system engineer paid an official visit to the Training Center of the Army of Montenegro in Danilovgrad, accepting a formal invitation by Renata Bulajić, librarian from the mentioned institution’s library.

Except Mrs. Bulajić, the meeting was attended by: Lt. Col. Miladin Čogurić, acting commander of the barracks in Danilovgrad, Miloš Đikanović, second lieutenant for the IT sector and Boro Kragić, multimedia operator.

The Danilovgrad public library is coordinating library for the area of the Danilovgrad municipality. Considering this, Milivoje Lakić, acting director and Veselin Savić, historian were invited to attend the meeting as well.

After it was stated that the Library holds approximately 15,000 library units and in the additional space a fund containing exclusively library material intended for learning English, representatives of the NLM proposed to primarily formalize the existence of the library as a special library and then make it be the Central Library of the Army of Montenegro, whose services and funds would be used by members of the Montenegrin army from all garrisons.

One of the suggestions was that after the formalization of its status within the Training Center, the Library become included in the COBISS.CG system and immediately begin the technical processing of publications.

Lt. Col. Čogurić pointed out that they are ready to provide all kinds of help and support for the library to come to life in the right way, in accordance with the standards for library activity, and emphasized that in the budget planning for the next year, the acquisition of new titles of library material will certainly be envisaged in order to enrich the offer.

At the end of the meeting, the NLM representatives promised to provide the Library with all the necessary professional and advisory assistance, as well as a donation of library materials from surplus funds.