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Miljić: “We have dedicated both, our work and life to librarianship and the libraries in which we worked.”

The winners of the award “Dr Niko Simov Martinović” for 2016/2018 and 2018/2020 are: Marijan-Mašo Miljić, Bosiljka Cicmil and Nevenka Mitrović. The awards were presented today, on December 20 at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje.

According to Jasmina Bajo, President of the Association of Librarians of Montenegro, libraries are an important factor in social and cultural life, and the job of librarians is to continue the mission of “preserving the mental health of individuals” in transition, economic and health crisis and to support those who in a constant and inexhaustible search for knowledge, culture, education, science, creativity and the arts.

The “Dr Niko Simov Martinović” Award, according to MS Dragica Lompar, director of NLM, affirms the knowledge, perseverance and perseverance in performing the library vocation, which is above all noble and directed towards others.

“They deserve this important library recognition due to their professional integrity and decades of their dedicated work, which as a sum of the most important individual results gathered in today's event and serves to honor the library and the overall cultural public of Montenegro”, said Lompar .

MS Snežana Vojvoda agreed with her, emphasizing that the winners are “prominent representatives of contemporary Montenegrin librarianship who have always been motivated to, resisting the challenges that Montenegrin librarianship is facing, work professionally and responsibly on their professional development, acceptance and concrete application of modern trends in the profession and thus give an immeasurable contribution and stamp to the library activity”.

Marijan-Mašo Miljić, on behalf of the winners, said that all three tried to give their maximum contribution in practice and theory, as far as possible as outgrowths of their time, to Montenegrin librarianship and libraries where they spent their working life.

The ceremony was organized by the Association of Librarians of Montenegro in cooperation with NLM, and the “Dr Niko Simov Martinović” award, which is presented every two years to prominent librarians, individuals and teams, was established in 1988.