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Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and with the support of the member of the Montenegro state library for the visually impaired, Slavka Perović, five audio books by Montenegrin authors were published on the You Tube channel “Eternal it is. Montenegrin Book as Well” and they will be completely free and without any restrictions available to all interested users.

Audio books were recorded as part of the project “Eternal it is. Montenegrin Book as Well” ((, and in mp3 format are also available for download from the website of the Montenegro state library for the visually impaired ( The National Library of Montenegro was also one of the participants of the project.

These audio books are intended primarily for the entire Montenegrin public and, of course, the Montenegrin diaspora. In addition, the author had a strong personal motive in this story. Her aunt, Slavka Perović, was injured in a bomb blast as a child, and lost her sight when she was three years old. That didn’t stop her from reading more books than many college-educated people who don’t have a vision impairment. In addition to books printed in Braille, she also listens to audio books. That is how the author came up with the idea for this project, guided by the experience from her closest environment.

Following works were recorded:

 "Jutra jugova" Aleksandra Lesa Ivanovića,

"Tim Lavlje srce" Čeda Vukovića,

"Primjeri čojstva i junaštva" Marka Miljanova,

"Pjesme" Dragana Radulovića,

  "Sula Radov u svom vremenu", Vukota B. Radulović, at the choice of the editor Veljka Rajkovića