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On the occasion of marking 25 years of literary creation, the Bio-bibliography of Pavle Goranović was published by the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”, signed by Vera Đukanović, librarian-bibliographer at NLM.

The bio-bibliographycontains 2002 bibliographic units, which are separated in two basic groups:

Literature by Pavle Goranović

II Literature about Pavle Goranović

The first part of the bibliography is further divided into several basic groups:

1.  Monographs, collections of poems;

2.  Prepared editions;

3.  Publication editor, reviewer;

4.  Poems in magazines and anthologies;

5.  Stories;

6.  Articles, reviews, prefaces, polemics;

7.  Translations;

8.  Interviews, statements.

The second part of the Bibliography Literature about Pavle Goranović, consists of units related to the writing of other authors about Goranović:

1.  Literary criticism of the works of Pavle Goranović;

2.  Bibliographic data;

3.  Literary awards;

4.  Promotions, festivals, conferences.

The bio-bibliography summarizes the entire literary opus of Pavle Goranović, whose contribution to contemporary Montenegrin literature is noticeable.