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“The Last Will of Đurđe Crnojević”, critical edition with comments, prepared by Dr. Miloš Milošević and published by the National Library of Montenegro at the end of last year as a bilingual edition, in Montenegrin and English, was presented at the Library in Cetinje on Friday, February 7.

According to the translator of the work, Slađana Sekloća, Đurađ has began writing his will during his stay in Milan and, as noted in the book's critical commentary, the first impression that the document leaves is that it was a private letter he sent to his wife Isabetta, which gradually received a form of the will.

“Elisabetta has been selected as a universal heir and Đurađ has tried to leave his instructions on how to take care of herself and their children, from whom to seek help and protection and how to collect debts. What was extremely important to him was to return the objects taken from the church in order to protect them from the Turks, and he carefully stated this in his will. In a way, it was an obligation he felt towards his father Ivan, as churches and monasteries were established as a result of his religious thinking”, said Sjekloća.

Particular personal sympathy, she admits, was awakened by the fact that the Montenegrin ruler loved and respected his faithful wife, who gave birth to their four children, so much that he not only designated her to be his heir, but also made it clear that he will remain with that decision even in case she chooses to remarry.

“A lot of lines in the book testify about the confidence he had in her, and among other things, we can read: “And for greater reputation of yours, my wife, I (publically) oppose to any gentleman, spiritual or secular, brother or relative and the like, of any position or personal reputation, in any attempt to give you orders to do anything against your own will or to ask you to justify yourself for acting right or wrong. And let everything you will do be done”, Sjekloća pointed out.

While translating this work, the translator, as well as the senior librarian and publications manager at the Library, enjoyed the task and narration, which is reflected by the emotionality his words were full of and the thoughtfulness with which he thought about everything that could happen to his loved ones.

Prof. Marijan Premović, PhD, said that this work is a very important and valuable historical document, which gives us information on political circumstances as well.

“In the will, we address three main themes that at that moment have deeply occupied Đurđe Crnojević. He speaks as a religious man, as a husband and father, and as an exiled lord of Montenegro who has experienced difficult moments in the Apennine Peninsula. He has written his personal message to the Venetian Senate, because this was not only addressed to his wife, but this also went to the Venetian Senate, and in some ways it was also a political will. These were extremely difficult and crucial political and life decisions. Đurđe in this will has spoken very praiseful and affirmatively about his wife, so It cannot be said that Montenegrins did not have respect for their wives. After a warm speech addressed to his wife, other serious topics followed”, said Premović.

The work was published with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, as part of the Program for Preservation and Protection of Cultural Heritage for 2019.