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A literary evening dedicated to the prominent Montenegrin poet Aleksandar Leso Ivanović, within which were presented his collected works, published in the edition of Unireks, was held last night at the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević” in Cetinje.

Prof. Dr Dragan Koprivica, Academician Pavle Goranović and Chess Grandmaster Božidar Bonja Ivanović spoke about life and work of the famous writer from Cetinje.

According to Mr. Koprivica, Leso was the poet of the moment, the one who has used to say that someone needs the sea as inspiration and that a puddle has always been enough for him. He, Koprivica added, possessed so much humanity that enabled him to be Montenegro's greatest lyric poet, alongside Njegoš, the greatest epic poet, pointing out that it was no coincidence that they were both from the same region.

Mr. Goranović also thinks that the climate, that is, the magical and primeval melancholic space with which Leso was linked, had a strong impact on his life and work.

“There is no Leso or his poetry without Cetinje, so dignified and vulnerable in autumn. Without that deaf silence of Cetinje which evokes feelings of pride, anxiety and confinement. Just as there is no Cetinje without Leso and the thought of his duration and his magnetic grounding into this world of petrified sadness”, said Goranović.

Remembering his late father, Chess Grandmaster Božidar Bonja Ivanović spoke about their difficult fate, but also about some beautiful moments.

“He was much responsible and very modest. I remember that he was very attentive to his old mother, but also to our mother, his wife, who took care of him, understood all his sorrows and burdens, helped him as much as she could, and he was very grateful”, said Ivanović.

The well-known verses of Leso's poems were recited by the actor of the Montenegrin National Theater, Slobodan Marunović, and the mediator of the program was Anastasija Petrović, a second grade student of the Gymnasium Cetinje.